Maggie’s work is subtle and profound. She expertly pinpoints problem areas and is able to support the body in unraveling long held patterns of physical and emotional tension. I leave my sessions feeling taller, more open, and able to breathe with more ease. – Kim Trimmer, Yoga Instructor, InsideOut Yoga

Maggie Guel’s technique of PT is not your mainstream, linear therapy! I saw her for residual pain in my neck following surgery … – Marilyn Sanders, Office Administrator

I thought I would have pain forever. Maggie involves the whole body in the healing process. She finds areas that are related to the painful spots and releases the tightness located there so that the whole body can heal itself. She has completely removed my pain … – Mary Ann Harris, Client

Maggie’s techniques and abilities allow her to go well beyond the surface and straight to the origin or core of the problem. She is able to connect and release tension and trauma that is being held within the body’s tissues. Her approach has relieved my suffering. – Janene Irish-Axt, Project Manager


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